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Always striving for the best, Club Ride is exceptionally durable and quality clothing for on and off the bike trail. Over 10 years ago, the idea for Club Ride came to Mike Herlinger after finishing a long and challenging bike ride in the mountains. Dressed in his old bike kit, he realized he was late meeting his friends for food at a local pub, and would be even more late after he ran home to change. It was then he began to wish he had clothes that he could ride all day in and continue to wear afterwards.  So, while working at a local bike shop in Sun Valley, Idaho, Herlinger began creating stylish apparel which could serve this dual function: adventurous bike riding and casual use.


Over the years, Club Ride would continue to improve the material and design of their clothing, all the while maintaining that core functionality and style. Each piece of Club Ride apparel is durable, breathable, and built to withstand hard use on the most challenging terrains. Club Ride shirts and pants can last through snagging branches and gnarly wipe outs without tearing, and are designed to keep you comfortable and dry in tough weather conditions. But beyond that, Club Rides style and functionality speak to the active lifestyle of not just bikers, but also hikers, rafters, skiers, and every weekend warrior striving towards their next adventure. Club Ride apparel lets you enjoy the activities you love most while looking and feeling great.


Club Ride is a newer brand for, but we are so excited to partner with them. Their men's and women's biking clothes are truly built by people passionate about the sport and lifestyle of biking and adventure. Their growing number of dedicated fans will tell you that Club Ride biking apparel is some of the best anywhere. If you're used to traditional biking clothes, definitely consider exploring the more versatile styles from Club Ride; we find that most people who try them never go back. 

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Club Ride stands behind their high quality fabrics and construction to perform under normal and strenuous conditions.  Their product warranty extends for the life of the product for any defects in materials or craftsmanship.  Failures due to accidents, wear and tear, or improper care are not covered under our warranty. Proof of purchase is required for all warranty claims. 

For non-warranty exchanges and returns, please see our policy here.

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