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Built with true passion, Dakine creates amazing gear for people who love to surf,skate, bike, ski, and travel. In 1979, Rob Kaplan began to build a reputation in Mauis local surfing community as the go-to guy for unique gear modification and repairs. Using his talents, Kaplan would soon begin inventing new gear solutions, introducing windsurfing's first adjustable foot strap and waist harness in 1982. His range of incredible products continued to expand over the years to include backpacks, travel bags, accessories, outerwear and clothing for all types of activities.   

Dakine's central focus has always been quality. They make amazing gear designed to meet the real needs of the people who use it. Each new piece is built using high quality modern materials and is rigorously tested in real world environments.The result is that every Dakine backpack, Dakine glove, and Dakine shirt fits well, lasts long, and looks great. Central to Dakine is their expert fusion of style and practicality: looks greats, performs even better. If you're looking for a great backpack, check out the Dakine Wonder 15L and for a classic Dakine look, check out the Dakine Tall Boy Beanie. No matter what you love to do, do it with Dakine. 

We at OutlandUSA love Dakine's unique authenticity. A lot of the surfers, skaters,and bikers in our communities wear Dakine for that very reason. Dakine bags, hats, shirts, and gloves are built to last and are made to be loved a longtime.

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